Think about it, we are all different

Financial Advisors are all different in how advice is provided, I mean we come from different careers, different environments, we all have different pasts, different childhoods, we know different people, we have different biases, we are independently educated by experiences, we have different clients.

We are just different.

But fundamentally, the financial advice provided should be similar, of course with some variances, but fundamentally it should be the same.

Design so you can see the advice.

It’s how deep we go with our clients personally that I think defines a difference.

So, I suppose I have wanted to create a difference, a way to sit and talk, learn and find out what we need to do to give our clients the peace of mind they want, that they seek to discover what their tomorrow looks like.

It starts with an experience as you enter our office and with time forms into a relationship that not only focuses on financial advice but also personal and financial well being.

Once we have spent some time together, starting to understand your needs and goals, we then design our idea based on what you need us to do, revisit with you so you know where we are going and so you can see it.

To learn 'the why' they are seeing us. You know, what Yesterday looked like, which gives us access to why their Today is and thus look to provide an outcome for their Tomorrow. A design.

We talk, work together to find the peace of mind sought, whatever that is. We then design and illustrate simple understandable solutions to maintain and adapt so when that peace of mind alters, we are positioned as best as we can to regain it and we are available for the times clients need us.

I don’t know really, maybe I do but don’t recognise that it works but I do feel that what you can learn from a coffee and chat is the essence of our relationship.

So, ask yourself this question;

“What if financial advice didn’t actually feel like financial advice?”

It’s our difference.


Let's have a coffee and a chat...

as this is the first step at Elementary Financial. We'd love to get to know you, then we can talk about what we need to do...

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