You can’t eat it whole

You take a bite and work your way around the apple until you have finished. Some people do this systematically, others randomly. The process is different, the outcome, generally the same. You finish the apple.

Financial Advice is sort of similar. Think about it. The outcome should generally be the same as the advice provided is based on ‘your’ needs, it is just the process that may differ.

Ok, back to our Apple as a metaphor. Take a bite, chew, swallow. Remember, you can’t eat it whole.

Just like financial advice. You can’t do it all at once. There is too much to do. Some advice we need to attend to now, some to get ready for different phases of life, some when we move into these life moments and some when good happens and then when bad happens. We can’t do it whole. What we can do however is take a few bites and work our way around.

Financial Advice is the same, just different, especially at Elementary Financial.


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