Is super something you need to think about?


Absolutely it’s something you should think about because one day you are going to want it. You absolutely will! You are going to want enough of it to provide for the life in retirement you have worked so long for. The one you want.

Generally though, superannuation is something of a tomorrow thought. You know: I have heaps of time, I’m still young, will deal with it another time. This may be true, but time is moving at a pace now that is quicker than ever before, we are busier than we ever have been and before you know it, well time may have gone too far.

And, when you go to have a look you find you may have more than one super fund, you may even have lost super and there are so many super funds to chose from and here in lies the problem. What do you do, what super fund do you choose and equally as important, how do you invest your money?

This is where we simplify superannuation, make sure you know what you have, find what you have and make sure you know what we are doing as this is what you will want to live on in retirement.

So, like the oil in my car, I know there are heaps of oils to choose from and as I am not a mechanic, I have no idea, but I have a mechanic and he does. So, in essence we at Elementary Financial are no different to our mechanic, we just know superannuation, and which one suits our clients. It is then the relationships that we build that defines the outcome and ideally the short and long term peace of mind.


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